Skins and diamonds with the Santander bank SX Visa credit card

Join the promotional actions between Santander Bank and Garena with the Santander SX Visa digital account and credit card. Learn more.

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The collaboration between Santander and Garena provides numerous events for users with the Santander SX Visa card. Recently, the bank held two events that allowed participants to win diamond and an exclusive jacket.

To participate in this financial event and win the prize, just follow some criteria and use the digital bank app with your card in a completely safe way.

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Other benefits and advantages of requesting the SX Visa card include perks for users such as free annual fees upon meeting requirements and free services when using the digital account or even opening a busines account with Santander.

Check out some important information to participate in the event and obtain the code when requesting the SX Visa credit card.

Santander Credit Card Data

The Santander card works as an extension for the digital environment and has the same functionalities as a regular credit card. The financial institution stands out from other options in the market, such as the Santander gamer scholarship.

Check out some characteristics of the credit card before requesting it to participate in the event:

  • Annual Free Can be Free
  • National and International Acceptance
  • Visa Flag
  • Santander Digital and Physical Bank
  • Santander Way App
  • Credit and Debit Modality

Is the Santander SX Credit Card worth it?

Is the Santander SX credit card advantageous? It offers various options and benefits, such as the partnership with Garena, which brings many perks to customers.

Check out some of the news offered by Santander:

  • Official sponsor of LBFF;
  • 2 million diamonds event (ended);
  • Young apprentice program;
  • Rare jacket;
  • Approved online digital card for purchases;
  • Santander Pass, tag for watch, proximity payment, and Way app;
  • Free annual fee when spending 100 reais per month.
  • Santander Way App

With the Santander SX Visa app, it is possible to fully manage your card, from payment of bills, balance and statement inquiries, bonus sphere, limit adjustments, and rewards program.

How to request the SX Santander Credit Card to REDEEM

The request is made on the company’s website, in a simple, fast, and uncomplicated way.

To request the credit and debit card, the user must fill out the form available on the company’s official website. After analysis, you can redeem the code sent to the registered email.

Pay attention to the event dates so as not to miss the chance to enjoy these benefits in the game and all the others that Santander offers to its users

It is important to remember that the request for the digital account and the card can only be made by users who are 18 years old or older.

Santander SX Credit Card Initial Limit

The credit limit for the SX Visa card usually starts at $ 250.00, but this value may vary depending on the user’s use of the SX credit card.

The credit limit to be approved on the SX card depends on various factors analyzed at the time of credit approval for the user.

Fees and Charges

The SX Credit Card has an affordable annual fee of $ 33.25 and can be free when spending 100 reais per month. There is a revolving credit interest rate of 14.49%, fines for late payment of 2% and a 10.89% rate for installment of bills.

Santander Bank Customer Service

Means of communication and customer service of Santander Bank, both digital and physical.

  • Santander SX: (0800) 762-7777
  • Ombudsman: (0800) 726-0322

Service via the company’s official website Service on Instagram Did you like this new partnership that Santander is promoting through a skin? Leave your comment, rate this post and see you next time.

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